Newborn Session At Home {Marin County Newborn Photography}

“And suddenly you were my everything”

When I photograph a newborn session, I can’t help but be reminded of my own first days of being a parent.

Even though this process is a different experience for everyone, there are some things that we all experience together:

Realizing just how little sleep you really can get by on…

Learning that laundry with a new baby is one of those items you accept will never be checked off your to-do list…

And being completely, overwhelming in love with this teeny tiny little human.

10 perfect fingers…

10 perfect toes…

You spend countless hours staring at their angelic faces,

memorizing every detail,

amazed that this little one is yours,

and is finally here

Hold them closely,

rock them gently,

breathe in their sweet smell

and revel in the quiet together,

for in these moments you’ll find you are making your greatest memories

These days pass by quickly, in a bit of a blur, and a newborn session in your home will help you preserve these sweet moments together, to remember the day when you became a family.

Send me a message at and we can chat about

scheduling your newborn photo session!

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