The City Of Love {Our travels, Paris}

We came home from our trip to Europe and dove right into the busy season that is fall and then straight into the holidays, so I never had a chance to share our photos from Paris!

Since we’re approaching the week of Valentines’ Day, it only seemed appropriate to share a few favorites from the City Of Love. 🙂

Our train from London departed out of  St Pancras International Train Station, and a soon I learned about Searcy’s Champagne Bar, I knew it had to be our first stop! I mean, it’s the longest Champagne Bar in the world, and they have a button to press for the bubbly…. need I say more?


When we arrived in Paris, we had scheduled a night cruise of the city down the Siene. In my opinion, it was the absolute best way to see Paris for the first time. Seeing all the bridges, buildings and of course the Eiffel Tower all light up was nothing short of magical. I highly recommend it!


Excuse the poor quality, but we had to get a cell phone photo of us on the cruise, and it’s now one of my favorite photos!


The next day we walked allll over, seeing as much as we possible could! My only regret was that we didn’t have a chance to stay longer. It’s an amazingly beautiful city, and I was in awe soaking up all the history.


The statues all over were incredible, both permanent and human 🙂






Placing our lock on Pont Neuf was a must <3


Can you find ours? 🙂



Notre Dame Cathedral was incredible:


Our last stop of the day was the Catacombs. It’s truly a remarkable story in the history of the city about the underground burials of the remains of over six million people.

And since we were there a week before Halloween, it was more than a little creepy!


It was a trip of a lifetime, for sure, and I hope to be fortunate enough to return someday.

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